12 Best war games for android phones

12 Best war games for android phones

12 Best war games for Android phones that are amazing and worth playing to provide you satisfaction through the virtual world. If you have gotten bored playing so many games and want to experience something new here are the top 12 Best war games for Android phones that you can try.

War games can be entertaining to play; the variety of weapons, unique locations, towns, maps, and strategies make the games enjoyable.

In this, we’ll move the list from good to best games for Android phones it’s based on our preference and research individuals may like any to be the best hence all are amazing games.


12. Pacific Fire: Android Game

Best war games for Android phones

Pacific Fire is an offline strategic single-player war game covering World War II in Europe and North Africa. It’s the first game in our list of  12 Best war games for Android phones.

In this game, you can play as the US, Japanese, Indian, British, Australian, Chinese, New Zealand, or Dutch forces. these nations are depicted accurately as participants in the real WWII.

If you are playing as a US commander, you must command the US Air Force, battleships, and troops. you will be tasked with destroying the Japanese army.

If you are playing as a Japanese commander with the Japanese forces, your objective is to capture the seas to expand the Japanese force.

As a British commander, you will lead a force of British planes, ships, and troops into combat in the skies and oceans against the Japanese army.

You will experience various battles in history, from the Battle of Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Singapore, from the Battle of Britain to the Battle of Borneo, and from the Battle of the Philippines to the Battle of Indonesia.

The game features more than 20 types of ships, including battleships, carriers, and artillery.


11. Noblemen 1896: War Game

12 Best war games for Android phones

Nobleman: 1896 offers a captivating blend of turn-based and real-time strategy, alongside third-person cover shooting, in an alternate reality of 1896 America ravaged by players and civil war.

The game’s narrative 4unfolds through concise text snippets across an expansive campaign, immersing players in the role of commander on a visually stunning grid-based map with intricate resource management and dynamic combat mechanics.

Powered by powerful Battle and Nobleman: 1896 delivers a compelling gaming experience. Its high-quality graphics, steampunk aesthetics, and comprehensive controller support further elevate the gameplay, making it a must-try for fans of strategy and shooter games.


10. Call of War: Frontlines

12 Best war games for Android phones call of war

We have another great game here, Call of War. It’s a real-time multiplayer strategic online war game set in World War II.

In the game, you have a lot of fun things to do: you build, you expand, you go to war, and you exploit. Some reviews say Call of War is most definitely a 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) game. The game offers a unique blend of strategy, diplomacy, and warfare.

What makes the game addictive is its gameplay, graphics, storyline, and controls, which make for an enjoyable experience for players. You start the game by choosing a region and are automatically provided with selected territories and cities to construct buildings and troops. The game offers a variety of units including infantry, armored tanks, and aircraft, which players can use to conquer the world and defend against other players.


Moving forward toward the next game in our 12 Best War Games for Android phones list here is the 


9. company of Heros

12 Best war games for Android phones Company of heros

Developed by Feral Interactive, the Android rendition of Company of Heroes brings the acclaimed real-time strategy experience of World War II to players’ fingertips. Known for its fast-paced campaigns, dynamic combat scenarios, and intricate squad-based tactics, Company of Heroes immerses players in the strategic challenges of war.

From managing resources and constructing bases to deploying units strategically, players must navigate an ever-changing landscape and secure crucial map points. Emphasizing movement, positioning, and cover, the game delivers a challenging yet rewarding gameplay experience.

8. Panzer war

Panzer War is an Android war game that offers a thrilling experience for tank warfare enthusiasts. The game has a collection of 60 unique tanks and aircraft. The extensive array of vehicles ranges from World War I to the Cold War, enriching the gameplay with historical context and depth.

The game’s graphics are excellent, with accurate armor placement and stunning visuals that enhance the gaming experience. Historically, the aircraft and tanks are precise, improving the gaming experience and adding realism. The game has online and offline features; players can engage in 7×7 battles in both modes or challenge global players online.


7. Brothers in Arms 3: Android Phone

12 Best war games for Android phones Borther in arms

Brother in Arms 3: Sons of War does its best as a cover shooter game. Unlike other war games involving training troops, going to war, and destroying, it’s a cover shooter game with intense action. You will engage in fights, shoot, and ultimately perform various other activities to survive.

The gameplay of Brother in Arms is quite simple to play. The game is quite similar to its predecessor, though at times it differs drastically from Brother in Arms 2: Global Front. This makes this game to be placed here in the list of 12 Best War games for Android phones. Instead, the game is played from a third-person perspective, unlike the first installment. This is unlike the gameplay of Brother in Arms 2.


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6. Game of Warship: Best war games for Android phones

There’s no doubt that you’ve all heard of this incredibly entertaining strategy game, Game of Warriors.

It allows you to take control of a village and fight off hordes of enemies who are constantly attacking and trying to destroy your town.

It’s a strategy and tower defense game with a distinctive look for its genre.

Let us tell you, great graphics and amazing sound effects combine to make Game of Warriors a fun and compelling gaming experience that will keep you glued to the screen for longer than you’d ever like to admit.


5. modern warship: Naval battles

12 Best war games for Android phones Modern warship: Naval Battle

There are plenty of naval battle games to play, but Modern Warship Naval Battle is in a league of its own. The game is filled with action-packed battles where you control the most advanced replicas of fighter planes and naval ships.

You can engage in PvP battles with the mightiest modern fighting ships in the middle of the sea.

You will test your commanding skills and battle with other players around the world. The game’s graphics, action controls, and the seas are perfect for mobile gaming. I was impressed with the graphics, weather textures, and coloring.

Deploying bombs and launching missiles were so satisfying. With just 1.5 GB of game size, it is packed with console-like features.



4. Call of Duty mobile

12 Best war games for Android phones COD

Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooter video game launched in 2019, and developed by TiMi Studio. How is it possible to not mention COD when it comes to talking about the 12 Best war games for Android phones.

CoD is similar to any other battle royale game, featuring the same ‘last to survive wins’ option. But what sets it apart in this war game? Yes, it has features like war game that differentiate the game from other battle royales.

You survive, destroy, and kill other enemies. It offers the option to destroy an area of enemies; you hunt other players or they hunt you, and you try to kill and survive until the last zone using different weapons. You can play with your friends in squad mode, duo, or solo.

It has different modes like domination, search and destroy, team deathmatch, front line, and many more

12 Best war games for Android phones call of duty



3. Supremacy 1914

12 Best war games for Android phones

This game is amazing! I played this game a week ago, and it’s more fun to play than any other war game.

The mechanics are great, the sound and music are good, and the satisfaction you feel when annexing a country is superb. It’s super interactive playing with online players and chatting; it allows you to communicate with players and makes it more fun.

If you like strategy games and tactical gameplay, this is the game for you.

Playing this game is fun; it’s a real-time multiplayer game. You will not fight with boats like in other games. Also, it can have up to 500 real opponents per map, which makes the map heavily crowded with so many things going on at once.


2. Heroes of Normandie

Heroes of Normandie is a physical war game and a standalone gem that distinguishes itself with its unique approach, departing from the traditional hex and counter style.

heroes of Normandie opt for a square grid and detailed centerpieces, offering a more immersive experience. It’s a tactical masterpiece blending dice rolls, action cards, and strategic terrain utilization at the squad level.

Slitherine’s digital adaptation preserves the game’s vibrant art style and simplifies the rules, making it accessible to all.

While its initial release predicted the surge in digital board game popularity, despite its higher price point, this game offers substantial value. Regrettably, Android users may never have the chance to experience it due to Slitherine’s platform preferences.


1. Warpath: Best War Game 

This game is an advanced game among those mentioned above. It includes a little story mode gameplay where you progress through levels and fight with advanced weapons. Warpath is a real-time strategy warfare mobile game.

As usual, this game is also set in the World War 4 timeline. Warpath includes deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and front-line assault modes.

The first three are pretty self-explanatory. In front-line assault mode, players capture points around a map and require at least one member from each team to stand. All four modes in the game may feel repetitive over time, except for front-line assault, which provides a unique experience every time. However, the game still provides a unique experience with its advanced gameplay mechanisms.

Your taste in war games is truly classic, which is amazing if you’re really into playing war games. We’ve found these 12 war games across the internet, recommended by game critics, that you can play and try out at your convenience.

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