Qualcomm Introduced Its Very First Processor For PC. X Elite Know The Details!

Qualcomn Introduced Its Very First Processor For PC. X Elite Know The Details!

We have always seen that Qualcomm has always made its processor for mobile they have created and designed the best-performance Snapdragon series processor for Android. But for the first time, Qualcomm has launched a processor for laptops named Snapdragon “X Elite”. Qualcomm Technologies Inc. announced a powerful processor at its Snapdragon Summit 2023 which was based in Maui, Hawaii United States.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chip has built on a 4nm process with 12 high-performance cores clocked at 3.8 GHz and up to 136 gb/s memory bandwidth. Oryon Qualcomm’s latest ARM CPU Core is designed by Nuvia. Snapdragon X Elite SoC is packed with 12 Oryon Cores. Each part has four cores and they are divided into three parts. surprisingly Snapdragon “X Elite” has 50% more core than Apple’s latest M2 chip pro.

Brands that announced will be using the snapdragon x Elite processor for their laptop

A few top window PC manufacturer are already interested in featuring this Next-Gen cutting edge chip for their laptops and PCs.

Several brands like HP, Lenovo, DELL, Acer, and Asus as well as Honor, Microsoft, and Samsung even though have on paper plans to launch devices that will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processor in the upcoming year. It’s not always easy to enter the dominant market and when it comes to the processor market as you know chip manufacturing business comes in one of the high-risk businesses like burning Billions of dollars. Despite Qualcomm having a good reputation in chip manufacturing which is going to benefit them but still slightly faces competition from Intel with a market share of 82% whereas AMD has 17%.

is Qualcomm snapdragon X Elite better than the Apple M2 chip?

Snapdragon X Elite showed 50% faster peak multi-threaded performance Comperetively Apple’s latest m2 chip, in terms of graphics. Qualcomm claims that its most recent chipset boosts up to twice the performance of an Apple m2 chip and intel core i7-13800H and 74% less power consumption.

At the event, Qualcomm claimed that their Orion CPU offers better single-thread CPU performance compaction the m2 max chip. The power consumption of the Oryon CPU is 30% less compared to the Apple M2 Max, as you can see by the Qualcomm claim snapdragon X Elite seems way better than the Apple M2 Max chip.

As we mentioned before snapdragon X Elite is built upon a 4nm process meanwhile Apple m2 is based on a 5nm process. key differences of both chips are slightly different, The Advantage of Snapdragon X Elite is that supports up to 64 gb LPDDR5X-6400 RAM more modern manufacturing process of 4 versus 5 nanometers whereas Apple m2 pro has Around 68.8 gb/s (51.1) higher theoretical memory bandwidth.

CPU Comparison

Qualcomm snapdragon X Elite 12 core processor vs Apple M2 pro 10 core processor.

Qualcomm snapdragon X Elite CPU Group Apple M2
1 Generation 2
oryon based on M2
N/A predecessorApple M1 pro (10-CPU14-GPU)
N/A successorApple M 1 pro (11-CPU 14- GPU)

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite clock frequency is 3.80 GHz (4.25 GHz) the processor can compute 12 threads at the same time. The Apple M2 pro clock with –N/a, has 10 CPU cores and can calculate 10 threads parallel.

12 cores 10
12 thread 10
Normal Core architecture Hybrid (big LITTLE)
No Hyperthreading No
No Overclocking No
3.80GHz (4.25 GHz) 12x Orion A-core 3.50 GHz (6x Avalanche)
N/A B-core 2.80 GHz 4x Blizzard

Internal Graphics Comparison

Graphics refer to visual representations of data or information created using various tools and techniques Graphics integrated into the processor not only enable image output without having to rely on a dedicated graphics solution but can also efficiently accelerate video playback.

Qualcomm Adreno (Snapdragon X Elite) GPU Apple M2 Pro (10 core)
1.00 GHzGPU frequency 1.40 GHz
N/AGPU Turbo N/A
1 GPU generation 2
4nmTechnology 5nm
4 Max Display 3
N/A Compute units 256
N/AShader 2048
N/AMax GPU memory 32 GB
12.2 Direct x version N/A

Best-in-class CPU – multi-threaded performance snapdragon provides up to 2x faster CPU performance, and up to 60% faster CPU performance.

Best-in-class integrated graphics GPU performance shows 2x fast for graphics. up to 80% faster GPU performance while doing this it matches competitor peak. pc performance a 74% less power. X Elite supports ultra-fast 5G and Wifi 7 connectivity advanced audio and camera capabilities vault-like security and privacy.

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