Simple ways to share WhatsApp location in iPhone 

Simple ways to share whatsapp location in iphone 

in our previous blog, we learned how to share WhatsApp locations, now we will learn simple ways to share WhatsApp locations on iPhone sharing locations on iPhone is quite different from Android.

to share live location on iPhone

step 1: Tap on the plus icon

step 2: tap on the location option

step 3: now select the time duration for how long you want to share the location, you can also add a comment or short message, then tap on the send button.

now your live location via iPhone has been shared, if you want to stop sharing just Tap on the stop ‘sharing option’.

Share current location in iPhone

step 1: once again tap on the plus icon

step 2: Tap on location option

step 3: tap on the ‘send your current location ‘ option.

your current location has been shared via iPhone. use these tricks to simplify your work and save time. if you find this blog helpful kindly comment down below and suggest what we can improve in our blog.

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