How to connect Apple pencil to ipad

how to connect apple pencil to ipad, if you don’t know about this don‘t worry we are gonna help you with that to connect your apple pencil with ipad firstly you must have know there are 2gen of apple pencil each gen have their own system and connecting method . if you have cleared with your apple pencil generation type. we are getting to try with 1st gen model.

Apple pencil 1st generation

the following ipad model are compatible with the 1st gen Apple pencil :

      • ipad 10th generation

      • ipad 9th generation

        • ipad 6th & 7th generation

          • ipad air 3th generation

            • ipad pro 12.9-inch (1st or 2nd)

              • ipad pro 10.5-inch

                • ipad pro 9.7-inch

              connect apple pencil 1st Generation

              How to connect the apple pencil 1st Generation

              our first step to show how to connect the 1st gen apple pencil to your ipad. since the 1st gen relies on a lighting connector ,we will be using it. to do so , follow the step listed below:

                  • take your apple pencil and remove the back cap to reveal the lighting output.

                    • plug the apple pencil into your ipad`s lighting connector its the smae one you use to charge it. a USB-C to apple pencil adapter is necessary to pair your apple pencil (1st generation) with your ipad (10th genration).

                      • you will see a pop-up box appearon your ipad screen. simply tap pair and your,re all done;

                    the apple pencil will remain connected to your ipad as long as it is not restarted .put in airplane mode or connected to another ipad .if that happens again , follow thev step above to connect it.

                    connect apple pencil 2nd generation

                    How to connect the apple pencil 2nd generation

                    with the new 2nd generation pencil with fully loaded feature is now even much easier to connect to an ipad. we will rely on the magnetic connector of the ipad to do this. simply follow the steps below :

                        • pic-up apple pencil in your hand stick it to the right side of your ipad. the unboard magnetic connector will ensure it attached.

                      as you can see connecting the 2nd gen apple pencil to the ipad is almost effortless . remember to follow the steps above if it gets disconnected.

                      Evolution of the apple pencil

                      The concept of a digital styles had been explored by several companies before but it was in 2015 when apple introduced the first -generation apple pencil alongside the ipad pro.

                      This remarkable tool quickly gained traction among professionals and creatives, thanks to its unparalleled precision and sensitivity. Since then , apple has continued to refine and upgrade the apple pencil, releasing subsequent generation with improved features and enhanced compatibility across various ipad models.

                      Apple pencil 2nd generation

                      the following ipad models are compatible with the 2nd gen apple pencil.

                          • ipad mini (6th generation )

                            • ipad air (4th genration ) and later

                              • ipad pro 12.9 inch ( 3 rd generation ) and later

                                • ipad pro 11 inch ( 1st generation) and later

                              now that you have your landmark make sure you buy the right apple pencil to connec t and use with your ipad.

                              How to disconnect your Apple pencil from the ipad

                              if course, if you have your apple pencil connected to the ipad. you`ll want to disconnect it as well. in this simple step you will learn disconnecting your apple to ipad: follow the step.

                                  • open the setting app on the ipad.

                                    • from the side bar, find top Bluetooth and a list will open up.

                                      • find apple pencil on the list and tap the blue icon you see.

                                        • tap forget this device and then tap it again on the box that appears to confirm.

                                      your apple pencil has now been disconnected from, your ipad you can loose to pair it again if you want.

                                      How to charge 2nd gen apple pencil

                                      To charge the 2nd generation apple pencil, follow these step:

                                          • Attach the apple pencil to the magnetic connector on the side of your ipad ( for ipad pro models released after 2018).

                                            • ensure that bluetooth is enabled on your ipad to establish 9 connection with the apple pencil.

                                              • the apple pencil will begain charging automatically when connected to the ipad magnetic connector.

                                            Alternatively, you can also charge the 2nd generation apple pencil using the apple pencil charging Adapter and a standard lightning cable , connect the adapter to the charging port of the apple pencil , and then plug the lightning cable into the adapter and a power source like a USB port wall adapter.

                                            How to charge 1st gen apple pencil

                                            to connect the 1st generation apple pencil to your ipad , followe these step :

                                                • ensure that your ipad is powered and unblocked.

                                                  • remove the cap from the top of the apple pencil to reveal the lighting connector.

                                                    • plug the lighting connector of the apple pencil into the lightning port on your ipad.

                                                      • A pop-up pairing from should appear on your ipads screen. follow on-screen instruction to complete the pairing process.

                                                    once connected , your 1st generation apple pencil should be ready to use with your ipad , remember to charge the apple pencil when needed by connecting it the ipad`s lightning port.

                                                    Tips and Tricks for Apple pencil

                                                    Tips :

                                                        • pairing : to pair your apple pencil with you ipad, simply attach it to the ipad,s magnetic charging area or plug it in to the lighting port.

                                                          • charging : when the batter is low, you can charge the apple pencil by attaching it to the magnetic charging are on the ipad or using a lightning able.

                                                            • pressure sensitivity : the apple pencil is pressure sensitive , following you to create thickeer or thinner lines by adjusting the pressure you apply while drawing or writing .

                                                              • double-tap functionality : depending on the model ,you can double-tap the pencil to switch between , different tools or perform specific function ,like erasing or changing brush styles.

                                                                • palm rejection : rest your palm on the ipad while using the apple pencil without worry, as the device will reject any unintended touches and only register input from the pencil.

                                                                  • use tilt : Apple pencil can detect tilt ,so you can achieve shading effects by angling the pencil while drawing.

                                                                Tricks :

                                                                    • quick note : on supported devices, swipe up from the bottom right corner from the screen with the apple pencil to instantly open a quick note for lotting own ideas or reminders.

                                                                    • instant markup : when taking a screenshot or capturing a document ,top the pencil icon in the bottom – left corner to instantly access markup tools for an annotating and highlighting.

                                                                    • magnifier : press and hold the apple pencil on the text or image to activate the magnifier tool, editing or annotating.

                                                                    • Swip gestures : on some models, you can use swipe gestures on the flat side of the pencil to perform action like switching tools or undoing / redoing.

                                                                    • Blendor brush : in some drawing apps, you can use the apple pencil as a ” blender” by selecting blending brush and smoothing out colors or transitions.

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