Apple is going to launch the Apple card soon in the Indian market.

According to media reports veteran tech company Apple can soon launch its Apple card in India. apple card was first launched in the US about four years ago. through this apple added more customers and connected them to the Apple ecosystem by giving them attractive offers and deals such as cashback, loans at a low interest rate, and many other capabilities.

apple planning to launch it in partnership with Goldman Sach with a titanium finish. but before that, it was believed that it could be launched in Canada or Britain, but because of some other reasons, the plan was dropped. but now seems like India getting priority has increased.

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Some media websites report that talks are underway with various banks and institutions in the country to launch the Apple card. but their priority is getting high with HDFC Bank. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, met with HDFC bank CEO and MD Shashi Dhar Jagidshan during his visit to India in April. some other reports have been said in unconfirmed reports that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) may also do its branding.

The Cupertino firm recently released the Apple store, and with no sign of Apple Pay launching in the country, it doesn’t make sense for the company to be preparing for an Apple card release even though India is a huge market opportunity for Apple, its location is closer to other third-world countries like brazil than the US, which means that the services offered by apple in the country can expand.

Because India is a huge second-hand market for iPhones, the company usually promotes the cheap model here. India has huge potential to manufacture Apple products, recently apple opened its first Apple store in India which is based in Mumbai, and soon Apple will launch Apple Pay and Apple cards, which may maybe exciting for Apple users. read this article

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